A trip down memory lane in room 2008 - Thompson, Chicago

March 24th 2015 will always be a very important day to me, because it was the day that I finally got to meet the girl of my dreams. And after knowing each other in an online presence for almost a year it had been a long time coming.
I flew to America after my month long trip around Japan to spend 10 days with Aly. It was such a massive moment in both of our lives, because it was the start of something amazing. In just over a year after that first encounter I’ve moved to America for her and we’re getting married in just 26 days!!!

But back to that fateful day; when planning for my visit to Aly I spent a good few hours searching for the perfect place to stay. Whilst searching I came across the Thompson, which is in the Gold District of Chicago, amongst Oak Street’s boutiques. I knew of the Thompson chain already because my mum had spent a few nights at Gild Hall in New York, which is part of the Thompson group. 
It looked like the perfect spot as it was in a safe neighbourhood, close to the beach as well as the shopping district, and after a quick check on Trip Advisor, being number 4 spot out of 183 hotels in Chicago was all the convincing I needed!

We stayed there for two nights and loved every minute of it. So much so that after I was granted my K1 visa, which allowed me to enter America to marry Aly (within 90 days of arrival), we decided to book another night in the Thompson to celebrate and reminisce. 

We got in touch with the team at the Thompson as prior to booking we wanted to ensure that we could book the exact same room; the corner king room on the 20th floor, number 2008. We were not only surprised at how quick their response was, but also how excited they were for us. I thought it might have been a tricky process to try and relive that first trip, but the staff couldn't have made it simpler.

We can't say enough to do The Thompson justice! The staff are so helpful and polite. The atmosphere in the hotel is very calm, chilled and inviting. The hotel has an extremely contemporary feel with a host of different areas that you can explore and relax in. The bar is beautiful. The dining area was right up our street. I'd highly recommend this place to anyone, whether for a getaway or a work trip, it really is perfect.

Thank you Thompson for making this experience everything we had hoped for.  It was the perfect way for us to celebrate our new life together in America. 



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