Japan: Day 1 - The Journey

So Japan's not close huh? 

I've spent the whole day travelling! Firstly I left North London at 6am and headed to Heathrow (that Piccadilly line takes forever but at least I just had to sit there and do nothing in my sleepless state, for what felt like 40 stops!)
A quick flight (and when I say quick I really mean it - 50 minutes!) to Amsterdam which was pretty much empty, except for a chap from Ghana who had 4 phones and couldn't seem to work any of them! A 2-hour wait at the airport was filled with checking out clogs, cows, china crockery, bread displays! (all the things Holland are famous for obviously) and taking a few snaps, before jumping on an 11-hour flight to Tokyo. 

Because Japan is 9 hours ahead I should have really slept, but I was too excited! So now I've spent a full day travelling but have arrived in Tokyo at the beginning of their day - 9.25am!! Today might be a bit of a struggle, but the journey was smooth, everything ran on time and I got to Japan in one piece! 

Time to get my luggage, go through customs and find my way to Tokyo ...


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