Japan: The potential line up! But what's possible in 24 days?

So after doing A LOT of research which included scouring instagram, tripadvisor, google, downloading countless brochures and guide books I'm 94% sure that I have the final list of places that I'd like to visit and if possible, incorporate into my trip Japan!

And the places are:

- Tokyo (of course)
- Mount Fuji (in the image above)
- Osaka
- Kyoto
- Ise
- Hiroshima
- Matsumoto
- Himeji
- Kurashiki
- Kanazawa

I haven't included too many places because I don't want to spread myself too thin. I'd like to spend quite a bit of time in Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto, so it's going to be a case of figuring out what I'd like to do in each city, the amount of time that will take me AND most importantly the travel times between each location. I really need to try and maximise my time in Japan because even though 24 days sounds like a long time, it's going to fly by! Planning my route with logistics at the forefront, dictating where I hit and when is going to be key.

Now I'm ready to start plotting my route ... watch this space!

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